Pools & Beaches


Club & Hotel Letoonia has 3 separate outdoor pools, 2 of which have dedicated children’s sections and 1 indoor pool, as well as a children's pool exclusively for children and a separate pool with slides.

According to hygiene and health & safety rules, swimming in the pool with closed clothes is not allowed.

The Resort also has 4 supervised water slides that both children and adults can use.

3 Outdoor Pools
1 indoor Pool
3 Children Pools
4 supervised water slides
for both children and adults


Club & Hotel Letoonia benefits from its own private 2 km stretch of coastline.

3 separate beaches are located along this stretch: Marina Beach, Sunrise Beach and Dolphin Beach, with the beaches themselves covered with sand while the seafloor is pebble rocks.

In addition to hammocks, sunshades and beach loungers, all beaches have their own WCs and showers.

Letoonia’s peninsula offers more than 3,700 m of walking trails, which can also be accessed via 3 panoramic elevators.