Letoonia Art House

Ceramic Arts

Club & Hotel Letoonia in Fethiye;
The fertile Anatolian lands, which left their mark on the 8000-year history of ceramics;
Throughout the centuries, it has opened its doors to a wide variety of civilizations, hosted different cultures on its lands, and witnessed the most important transformations in human history.
The Anatolian philosopher Yunus Emre, who lived in this process and is known worldwide for his teachings, also left works in this geography. Yunus Emre, who is constantly involved with soil, the main raw material of ceramics, talks about soil and nature in many of his works.
Yunus Emre, who attaches great importance to soil and water, human and his entire existence with the four essential elements that are the formation core of the universe; with air, fire, water and earth.
When creating a ceramic object, air, fire, water and soil are needed. The philosophical similarity of Yunus Emre, which is identified with the love of nature and soil, and ceramics that are kneaded with water and cooked with fire, are quite striking.
In this context, under the roof of Letoonia Art Studio, we aim to make our guests experience their own creative processes in the light of the soothing, developing and integrative teaching of clay and in the calm atmosphere of our studio.
You will enjoy it.. We are waiting for you in our art house to reflect this beautiful art and your soul, to meet with clay and colors..

Ebru Arts

Club & Hotel Letoonia in Fethiye;
Take a deep breath with the combination of water and colors, discover the secret of water and reflect your imagination on the water.
In our art house, which is intertwined with nature, it brings together your feelings and emotions with colors on the water, and it contains surprises at every moment and surprises the audience.
Colors dance on the water and are kneaded from shape to shape. According to some, Marlbling art is the divine touch of God, and according to others, it is the reflection of the spirit of the universe.
Regardless, it cannot be denied that this Turkish art, which has been on the verge of being forgotten recently, has a spiritual aspect.
We are waiting for you at our art house to meet with water and colors to reflect this beautiful art and your soul..