Message from CEO

As Letoonia, we have been one of the leading brands in the Turkish Tourism Sector since 1989. Our main policy is to strengthen our prestige in international markets by contributing to our destinations and country tourism's promotion and development with high-quality continuity and unconditional customer satisfaction.

We started the hotel business in 1989 with Club & Hotel Letoonia Fethiye, which is located on a lush peninsula with 3 private bays of 165,000 square meters in Fethiye Paçariz Burnu.

With our 1502 bed capacity, we host our guests from many countries, especially England, Germany, France and Russia, with perfect hospitality in the concept of "Ultra All Inclusive".

As Club & Hotel Letoonia, we will continue to exceed our guests' expectations in the best way by adapting to the innovations brought by the age continuously and quickly. While doing all these, we will continue to serve as one of the leading companies in the sector.

Chairman of the Board
Letoonia Resorts