Press Bulletins

Club & Hotel Letoonia is located on a completely private peninsula and welcomes guests in Fethiye, an area of unparalleled geographical beauty in Türkiye.
Letoonia Resorts Zero Carbon Footprint Press Bulletin

Club & Hotel Letoonia has became the first holiday village in Türkiye with a zero carbon footprint at international standards.

Club & Hotel Letoonia Press Bulletin

Opened in 1989, Club & Hotel Letoonia holds a privileged place in Turkish tourism as one of the few tourism facilities in the country to be established in a uniquely special location and continues to be among a small number of hotels with the highest guest satisfaction and loyalty levels.

Letoonia Resorts Family Concept Press Bulletin

Choice of Distinguished Families in 2021 Club & Hotel Letoonia.
Club & Hotel Letoonia, which is located in the most special peninsula of the world in Fethiye, always stands out in the summer season of 2021 as the choice of refined families.